Spanish Education for Women


IMG_1562Why We Study Spanish

Separated Families, English Learners, Unaccompanied Minors, Detained Mothers & Children, Day Laborers & Dreamers, Domestic Abuse Survivors







Thank you for an experience of a lifetime in Mexico.  Your love, patience, support and leadership were so appreciated.

What a wonderful program! Thanks for starting SEW and continuing it!  My three weeks exceeded my high expectations!

YES!!  At Back-to-School Night, I talked with parents in Spanish for the first time!


Oh my, did I learn!

My Spanish grew from the agony of childlike infinitives to the fuller, softer, familiar feel of communication.  Marta told me about her love problems and  dreams.  Abuelita told me about the difficulties of living in a changing world.  We sang songs of struggle, read stories of pain.  And I learned, oh my, did I learn.